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Where to eat in Perth ON

Hey there,

So glad you're coming to Perth Ontario! You have so much to eat! I mean to do, ah what the hell I mean eat, isn't that why you are here?  You might have time to take a quick stroll through Stewart Park and do the typical stroll down Main street.  But you are looking for an adventure and something different or else you would be looking at the typical boring tourist sites and info.  Your time is valuable and you don't want to waste it, so Let's do something different and Get Off Main Street and try some excellent food haunts. 

There's a lot of places to explore— If you looking for a truly unique and new experience try visiting the Code's Mill building and check out BlackFly GrubHub for small-batch, handcrafted donuts.  And while you are there don't forget to check out FiddleHeads Bar & Grill and chill out in one of the most beautiful spaces in Perth.  If you are craving some Pizza or BBQ don't miss a visit to Wildfire BBQ and Smokehouse and chill out.  Looking for a great lunch in a beautiful space?  Then a visit to the Rocky River Cafe is a must.

So if you are looking for where to eat in Perth or just curious about restaurants in Perth; you might have to do the unexpected and Get OFF Main Street, there is so much more to see and do.

Handmade, fresh small batch donuts, what else do you need to satisfy that food craving

Great food in one of the most beautiful spaces in Perth

Rocky River Cafe

Fresh food and innovative food in a relaxing casual space

The Best BBQ & Pizza in a funky space